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What is

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel similar to conventional or 'fossil' diesel. Biodiesel can
be produced from straight vegetable oil, animal oil/ fats, tallow and waste cooking oil.
The process used to convert these oils to biodiesel is called transesterification.




Can Be used in any existing diesel engine without modification,
Can be blended in at any ratio with petroleum diesel.
Similar BTU/GAL as petroleum diesel.
Eliminates huge cast of revamping nationwide fuel distribution nfrastructure.
Reduces CO2 emission.

Environmental Benefit :

10% of carbon intensity of diesel fuel.

Much lower Carbon Monoxide Emission.

No Particulate Emission.


Economic Benefit


● Domestic and Renewable.
● Locally Produced and consumed.
● Provides Valuable market - enhances value of waste streams

   of restaurants, food processors, ethonal.

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